After the Evidence

Groundbreaking hybrid film and game app


Client: Edge 21

Focus: Animation, 3D Modelling, Mobile Development, Immersive technology, App Development

After the Evidence is a hybrid experience focused on the potential of creating an interplay between a primary and second screen. The experience comprises of 2 linked parts, a film and a mobile application game. The user is first a watcher then a player as they gather clues about a murder during the film that are then used to be able to convict the murderer. Powered by a combination of visual and audio triggers to unlock content in the game the project explores the potential of new connected and interactive narratives.

“Sugar has truly helped to both expand my business and enabled me to see where innovation can sit within my field.”

Rebecca Hardy, CEO of Edge21 studios

Created in partnership with Edge21 Studio, an independent UK film maker, the project was initially screened in Cardiff before moving to the independent film festival circuit where it gathered significant critical and industry interest.

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VISIT - Bristol
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