Project V

Our groundbreaking linear to VR story telling toolkit


Client: UK Government / CLWSTWR

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Character Design, Animation, 3D Modelling, Engine creation, VR Development

Project V is a innovative linear to VR story telling toolkit, enabling the adaptation of story content into interactive form. Offering users enriched interaction, multilingual options, and video to BSL content creation Project V will assist in brining stories to life for new formats.  Taking advantage of the unique possibilities of virtual reality both in terms of enriched interaction and multilingual versioning it will define a modular system that will then be used to create parallel VR versions of both existing stories and new stories.

Developed as part of a UK government funded exploration into the enormous potential of taking existing IPs into XR the toolkit is available for demonstration and trial before full public release. The first content experience released on the system will be an adaptation of Monsters Brawl, a book from award winning UK publisher Bear With Us.

“‘Project V is a game changing tool for the creation of immersive storytelling experiences”

Andy Wheeler, Director, Bear With Us Publishing Ltd

The core of the toolkit is a node based web portal that allows publishers and authors to work with game designers and developers fluidly adapting the core beats and moments in the story from linear to interactive format. The simple drag and drop system combined intuitive layout with build in gating, transition, and images to streamline the process of adaptation whilst simultaneously guiding user to consider the potentials offered by the new format.

Alongside this content builder the BSL content creation element of the toolkit offers through language adaptability also gives creates a soft learning tool for children and families increasing access to language that is both fun and educational. Providing a simple and rapid tool for creating animated avatars from BSL video footage it offers an effective way to improve the accessibility when adapting content to a 3D space.

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