Clwstwr R&D project selection

Studio News
July 7, 2021

We are so pleased to announce that Sugar Creative have been selected as a Clwstwr R&D project, an innovation programme for the  Wales screen sector, funded by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme which is part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. 

We will be exploring how a next-generation system for the efficient and effective adaptation of story content into Virtual Reality. Taking advantage of the unique possibilities of virtual reality both in terms of enriched interaction and multilingual versioning it will look to undertake the research needed to define a modular system that will then be used to create parallel VR versions of both existing stories and new stories. 

The work will look to demonstrate the potential of such a system through manifesting a first-of-kind core commercial system and viable commercial proof of VR story based on a pre-existing IP.

Visit - Cardiff
Lambourne House Lambourne Cres.
CF14 5GL
VISIT - Bristol
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