Monsters Brawl VR

A VR adaptation of award winning children story to showcase the potential of creating immersive content based on existing stories.


Monsters Brawl VR is an adapted virtual reality experience, the first in a series of children’s story games. Based on the popular Monsters Brawl from UK publisher ‘Bear With Us’ it lets users step into the pages of the book, listening to the story, reading along, and playing with the characters as they move from page to page. Make friends with werewolves, cast spells alongside witches, sneak along with vampires, brave dragons, and join the monsters for a fun journey into the start of Halloween.

Adapted for VR by the multi award winning team at Sugar Creative and funded by the UK government, it looks to expand both consumer and industry recognition of VR as not just a game environment but one of immersive storytelling.

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This is a game changing tool for the creation of immersive storytelling experiences.”

Andy Wheeler
Director, Bear With Us Publishing Ltd.

Monsters Brawl VR is created with the ProjectV toolkit. A next-generation resource for the efficient and effective adaptation of story content into Virtual Reality. Taking advantage of the unique possibilities of virtual reality both in terms of enriched interaction and multilingual versioning it will define a modular system that will then be used to create parallel VR versions of both existing stories and new stories.

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