Virtual Road World

An advanced mixed reality learning game for kids featuring a full virtual world populated by AI driven NPCs and Cars.


Client: Cardiff Met, Road Safety Trust

Focus: Consultancy, Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Animation, 3D Modelling, Back-end Development, App Development

The potential for Virtual Reality to enable intuitive learning on risk based subjects for children is now being realised and we are very proud that we have been able to work with Catherine Purcell from USW and the Road Safety Trust in the development of an innovative tool to help young people learn about road safety. The learning game features a full virtual world populated by AI driven NPCs and Cars in which children are able to move around, using pavements and crossing points to walk safely. Their behaviour is scored to reflect the decisions they make, losing points for crossing roads dangerously or getting too close to cars. The environment and characters have been custom modelled and styled with a simple Minecraft inspired appearance whist customisable characters ensure that the children felt both connected and engaged with it. Alongside a public version that is now live on the app store we also developed a research version that gathers fully anonymised data allowing for the research team to measure and assess children’s progress whilst using the game.

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